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How is Gojek’s income counted? This question often needs to be raised by those who still don’t know the driver’s operating system. Becoming an online taxi driver has begun to make a big demand. In Indonesia, there are many platforms that provide online motorbike taxis. However, Gojek has the most reputation.

Therefore, Gojek was the first platform to be published in Indonesia. Gojek’s age is actually new to a big company The first time the company was founded was in 2010. One of the founders of indonesia’s current education minister Nadim Makareem

Now , Gojek itself has several sub – companies with full packages , the company’s development is believed to continue over the next few years . If you want to be a driver, it’s great to work there. To ask how to account for gojek’s income, here’s a complete explanation.

The salary paid by Gojekhas a driver

The system that Gogeek has provided can be said to be very profitable for drivers when the driver focuses on attracting tourists, the money he earns can be huge and even reach millions of rupia a month. For payments made by yourself, prices vary at peak and normal hours.

If you ask for Gojik’s income, the driver earns 2.5,000 rupiah per kilometre during the peak hours. While on normal hours, the income is only 2,000 ropees per kilometre. When someone is very struggling, he can obtain orders 20 times a day.

Now, imagine if the command was 5 km away with 10 times a normal hour and 10 times at peak hours. This means that in one row, the driver can earn 12.5,000 profits at peak hours and 10,000 in normal hours, each done ten times.

The daily income is 225,000, as it is obtained from high hours of 125,000 and 100,000 regular hours. A driver receives 50,000 donations a day if he receives more than 16 requests. With it, the total daily income reached 275 thousand

If a driver works 30 days a month, his income will be only 8.25 million rupiah. This number is too large if it can continue to fit every day. But according to some drivers, these achievements are not always like this. In the online taxi world, there are often conditions whereG-food is  silent.

But according to drivers, it is often so full that if they continue to open an account for passengers, it is difficult to take a break when the driver earns a large amount of profit, which is  certainly not  income on how to calculate.

Benefits if you choose to become a driver

If you look at the explanation above, it is clear that driving will surely give someone the possibility of receiving a salary of more than 8 million rupees a month, which will not be easily achieved. Only large companies can provide such a large salary for their employees

In addition, the amount is based on the question of how to calculate gojik’s income with it, which is actually actually won by drivers, another benefit when participating in online motorcycle taxi business. Please note that the prize is too big from Gojik.

Above all, it has been explained that the reward will reach 50,000 rupees a day if you get more than 16 orders. In fact, the amount of donation is higher. A driver gets a grant when he works continuously every day and for various other things

The amount he gets varies. Basically, the more a struggling driver is, the greater the hidden profit he earns. If you initially look at the question about how to account for gojek’s income, it feels that the amount of income that may be earned will provide all the needs.

But even Gojek also cares about the safety of its drivers, one of the main points of this lie is the presence of insurance, with the fact that any unwanted insurance problems can be solved, and that drivers do not need to pay instalments.

The insurance includes downloads made by the driver of each order. So the discount on the fee for the request that Gojek set was paid a hundred percent for the driver’s insurance purpose. It’s certainly useful considering that some of the big companies don’t provide their employee insurance

easy advice to take orders although there are many competitors

When the question of how to calculate is answered, everyone will find that the hidden profits achieved are huge. However, these hidden benefits must be accompanied by the awareness that there are many other competitors around you. In Gojek, the order itself is derived from the auction system.

This system makes Ojol compete with other ojols to be determined when a command comes in. Usually, the first person who receives the command will be selected to work on the command. Therefore, there are some easy advice not to compete less with other movements.

The first tip of the phone you have is to try to make a call with high features. When the phone has many features, the probability of winning commands is greater. For, the evil possibilities like Deila’s when they take orders will be smaller.

Always remember that the number of commands is very important in asking how to calculate a google’s income. If the number of requests is low, the amount of money will surely decrease as a suggestion, making sure the phone has 3 GB of ram and up. In addition, use a 4G SIM card and up.

Don’t forget to also pay attention to the price as Ojol. The higher the ocala rate, the higher the likelihood of a large profit. First information to increase the amount of lies in readiness to receive commands. Never make an error rejecting a command.

A goojek doesn’t matter if you do that. However, this will reduce the number of commands obtained later. Also make sure passengers offer the best service after using a price service to take into account their comfort.

Contact for more information

It seems that the question of how to calculate has been clearly answered. But if you have more questions, you can come directly to the official office, please note, gojek is not a public contact center service.

If someone calls and replaces Gojek, they are sure they have lied. But there is no need for confusion. Gojek’s official offices are available in various cities. Or you can connect to it using the live speaking feature in the app.

This is the right decision to participate and become part of a goojek. Profit ability is huge and progress continues to occur. The features themselves here are becoming more and more attended by Gosand , Gomasj and Goto . Also, its income has been answered from Gojik income how to calculate it

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