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When you are in an urgent position where you need a large amount of money, the presence and conditions of an unsecured online money loan company are necessary . This is because some people cannot meet it because they do not have guarantees or conditions in place.

The current trend of online loans is growing. This can be seen from the growing number of fintech companies and platforms engaged in this sector. You can choose the type of company that is most suitable for you and most beneficial to you.

The interest given is quite large, but online money loans with no collateral or conditions  are a special place for those who need it. This means that you, as a student, can apply for a loan. Students under certain conditions require the presence of this type of platform.

But before deciding to apply for a loan online, you first need to know the list of fintechs that offer services in this area. Also, get to know the respective benefits and interest rates of each type of platform and avoid nominal interest rates that are too high for you.

FinTech Listings That Offer Unsecured Online Loans and Terms

Before discussing how to apply for a loan, you first need to know what FinTech offers with unsecured online money loans and conditions. To avoid making the wrong choices, get to know each type of FinTech and increase your literacy rate.

The first list is the company Kredivo. This company facilitates convenience, i.e. customers who want to make installments and also need cash. Especially for cash, you can only borrow in the range of 500,000 to 1.5 million with an administration fee of 30,000 (deducted at the time of payment) and interest of 11.71%.

The next to enter the second FinTech list is Indodana. With this type, you can pay later with two offers, namely tuna funds. Especially for cash, you can only borrow in the range of 1 million to 8 million, but with paylater there is a limit of 25 million. However, these two loans should not be made at the same time at the same time.

The third list has Go loans. With just an ID card, you can already bring between 1.2 million and 6 million loans. However, with the provision for the first loan, you can only borrow 1.2 million. This type of company offers an interest fee of 0.8%/day and 11.12% for 14 days of the loan.

Juro’s company follows. This company, i.e. the mini type, offers tenor for 3 to 6 months, in installments of up to 30 million, in which 1 million must be taken home and repaid within 30 days. The interest offered on such a loan is 16% within one month.

Next up is Akurak. This type of loan is very famous among the people of Indonesia. It provides ease of lending 1 million with 30 days of repayment and 11.7% interest. However, this platform requires you to give your company permission to access sensitive data such as your phone, location, and contact list of calls.

There are many others, but the types of platforms and companies engaged in providing convenience are unsecured online money loans and conditions , which are still overseen by OJK. There are still many platforms and companies that offer the same convenience, but OJK doesn’t allow it.

Steps to apply for a money loan online

Of the many types of fintech and platforms that you can easily access when applying for a loan, of course, there are different procedures for applying. However, there are some differences, but in general, the steps you go through are the same.

By applying for an unsecured online money loan and terms, you won’t have to wait too long for the funds to be paid. Once you are aware of the type of platform you choose as the place to apply for a loan online, you need to download the desired application first.

After downloading, you will be prompted to enter important and confidential personal data. Don’t forget to prepare an ID card in advance and an account number or passbook in your name to speed up the payment of the proposed funds.

Some types of fintech and online money loan platforms are unsecured and even if the data is successfully verified, the terms will not be liquidated immediately on that date. On some platforms, it may even take up to two days for the desired funds to be paid and entered into your account.

However, given the period of time required for complex conditions and guarantees, and considering that it slows down the submission, it is not too worrying. Whether the application is approved or is still in the process stage by the platform, you should continue to monitor the desired application.

Features of FinTech Online Money Loans Without Conditions and Guarantees

It is very easy to do when applying for an unsecured online money loan, but you need to be aware of the characteristics of the type of platform you are going to. We hope that you will only choose platforms that already have a license and are overseen by the OJK (Financial Services Authority).

This is to avoid misuse of the personal data you provide when applying for a loan. If you have a permit and are supervised by OJK, your data is guaranteed to be secure and will not be disseminated, especially for some things that may harm you.

Don’t be easily tempted if the platform lures you with irrational excessive bonuses. It is possible that the platform is trying to deceive you. If you know more about company information and try to dig it up, but the available information is still minimal, try not to apply it there.

In platforms and companies, online money loans without collateral or official conditions do not require a down payment from the borrower. When this happens, it is certain that you are in the process of fraud and will not continue because it is risky.

You must also not provide unnecessary personal data such as account numbers or PINs. If the platform requests excessive data, it can only guarantee that the platform will only deceive you, so terminate the application process immediately.

Benefits of Unsecured Online Loans and Terms

Broadly speaking, unsecured online money loans and terms  are actually very beneficial, especially if you are in an urgent situation and need enough money. The convenience offered without warranty and conditions is the first advantage.

The next advantage is that you don’t have to wait too long for you to be able to get the loan money to apply. Some platforms even allow you to cash out your funds in a matter of minutes. Of course, this is an advantage not always possible by a loan platform with guarantees and conditions.

In addition, a simple loan application is comparable to a simple payment. You can pay your bill quickly and easily, i.e. you can see the nominal invoice and the intended account number in the application, so if it matches the nominal, you do not have to wait long, your invoice will be paid in full immediately.

Online loan applications are currently available not only to those who are already working, but also to those who still hold student status. With the convenience provided, you must apply for unsecured online money loans and terms and conditions and be on a platform that has been granted permission and overseen by OJK.

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