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West Java Singaparna People’s Resistance Against Japan

The struggle of the singaparna people of West Java against the Japanese in  the middle of the colony is in fact the most difficult time for them to enter the Indonesian country, although this struggle never stopped. This struggle is definitely one of the biggest battles in Indonesia to try to forgive the invaders.

Of course during the colonial era, there were various things done by the colonists who made them passers and made Indonesians lose and persecute them. So various efforts have been made to trade care and freedom of the village, especially in the West Java area. This also actually does it with the support of various parties in it.

There was a key figure who later appeared in the Java Singaparna people’s resistance incident against the Java Singaparna breach . Under his leadership, many people joined in to spend and sharpen the different attitudes that people had invaded, this time as a Japanese of that time.

Denial of Spark Fighting Movement

When Japan began to control The Indonesian territory, not only did it build its own power, but its various cultural activities were brought in to influence the people. Really, you’ve heard something talk about it. One of the traditions that Japan herself wants to cherish is to honor its flag.

Not only that, but Japan has also tried to force Indonesianians to force a national anthem. It includes a sun-facing salute in honor of japan’s emperor or known as seikerei. Essentially, in the religion of the Japanese people, bowing to the sun’s face is a form of reverence for the sun god.

This was opposed and rejected by indonesian peoples and became one of the reasons for the resistance of the people of singaparna west java against the people of Jaban at that time. Certainly the existence of seikerei is also opposed by many current scholars because it is also similar to prayer movements. Thus that further encourages the hot atmosphere of the time, which is causing great problems between Japan and Indonesia.

There were many great scholars who opposed the existence of that movement, and they urged their troops to fight the opposing army. Of course, this was done to defend independence and they didn’t want it to be done according to what the Japanese people believed religiously. However, the invading force is thus emphasized,  and anyone who does not want to do so considers them as an opposition and deserves to be punished.

Singaparna People’s Defense of Japanese Politics

Among the clerics who rejected the seikerei movement at the time was KH Zainal Mustafa. He and all of his students Pesantren Sukamanah publicly refused to do so and brought  the resistance of the people of Singaparna West Java against the Japanese. It also includes saying that muslims to do seikerei is an act of shirking and should be avoided.

Of course, KH Zainal Mustafa did not abstain from watching the torture in Japan of anyone who rejected the movement. He began to stratify to increase strength to rebel against Japanese forces. Troops from pesantren students were deployed to combat the enemy.

First there was a resistance before there was  a resistance   against the java of the Singaparna in West Java, the invaders sent their people to negotiate with KH Zainal Mustafa for his understanding. But it turned out that in the end the Japanese envoy was actually killed and then it distracted those who invaded to decide to use a hard way.

Until finally the resistance of the people of Singaparna West Java against the Japanese was no longer inevitable. Although it is true that the number of troops actually lost a lot so that the opposing force could dominate the resistance. There were so many troops from pesantren who were arrested by the Japanese and killed for being dissidents and they did not carry out their orders.

The Singaparna people are anti-colonial policies

The inhabitants of the Singaparna area themselves are in fact people who seem to be religious people. So in fact the various communist policies are very much in opposition, and in particular the various atrocities committed. This is very inconsistent with the religious understanding adopted by the majority of Singaparna people, who are converts to Islam.

One of the obstacles to the resistance of the people of Singaparna West Java to prevent the Japanese was due to the large number of people who died at the time from forced labor. Also, the entire Japanese culture seems beyond inhumanity. They have a heart to do everything possible to torment whomever he wills who does not want to follow what he is commanded, and is seen as a rebel.

In addition, there has been an increase in the policies offered by the Japanese side and there is no logic to disqualify them. This rule is considered contrary to theology and is coercion of nature. So that makes the citizens live a horrible life and not have the freedom to have the same freedom as it is in theology they are studying.

The resistance fight against the people of java Singaparna against the jaban  took place in the village of Sukamanah for about an hour. The forces led by KH Zainal Mustafa took swords and placed their weapons on the bamb. Besides the concentration of students, there are also troops from Kempetai, Garut and Tasikmalaya. They all united to counter the neutral Japanese colonialism even though they eventually had to lose.

Barashada Jaaniska KH Zainal Mustafa

KH Zainal Mustafa or the one whose childhood was called Umri or Hudaemi was really a normal person. He was educated at gunung Pari Islamic Boarding School and changed places as a wandering student. This is done in order to gain deep theological knowledge from a variety of teachers and scholars, of course.

After studying at several Islamic boarding schools in West Java and because of his intelligence, Umri was appointed as an aide to Kyai Muttaqien. Umri has noble aspirations to be able to establish and manage pesantren in his own uniqueness. Until finally this dream came true in the Baguer Village area, Singaparna. Of course this is the story before the people of western Java Singaparna resisted against the jab.

Umri then changed his name to KH Zainal Mustafa after his pilgrimage in 1937. He obliged the study of Arabic to be the main thing to study in a way that is very easy to understand theology. However, at his Islamic gymnastics school, he also taught subjects on Indonesian history and the defense of the native land.

The existence of KH Zainal Mustafa was supervised by intelligence agents from the Dutch colonies. He was then also jailed by the Netherlands. Of course, this happened because of his criticism of colonial policies that were seen as opposed to religious and secular teachings at the time.

He continued to do everything he could to defend his religion and his people. Oppose any policy from the invaders until the Japanese came to Indonesia. His love for motherland is beyond doubt. There were many of his services as a national hero who was executed and had a great impact on the struggle of the Indonesian people.

In fact the struggles of the singaparna people should end in failure. But in other places there was much resistance to the completion of colonial policies that were not suitable for the welfare of the people. From the resistance of the Singaparna people in West Java against the Japanese, the struggle by the Indonesian people was actually quite remarkable to defend their independence.

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