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The  Ford Service Center is back to serve its users

Bagi lovers and owners of ford vehicles, of course, will be happy with the return of the Ford service center in the country. The provision of after-sales services and also official services of Ford was in fact closed from Indonesia because the agent who owns the brand left. But now, Ford consumers don’t have to worry anymore.

Although for three years it has not opened a service, Ford users can still get warranty service as well as service. Unfortunately, such services are not easy to obtain and tend to be very rare, let alone talk about searching for necessary spare parts. Therefore, the closure of the Ford-branded service center is quite problematic.

Currently, ford service centers are reappearing in Indonesia under the supervision of the PT. Business partners. The company is part of the RMA Group. This Indonesian Business Partner acts as an official distributor of Ford Indonesia’s services and spare parts replacing its predecessor, namely PT FMI or Ford Motor Indonesia.

This official ervice center can in fact provide many conveniences for users of this car. One of them is the after-sales service of Ford products. There are also several other services that can be obtained by consumers related to the quality of the vehicle.  For more details, see the following review.

Provision of Services for Ford Car Users

In the activity of selling and buying vehicles, 4-wheel and two-wheel, after-sales or after-sales services are services that are the right of every consumer who uses company products. This right is fully granted by the company to its consumers to ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of the service.

Some of the forms of after-sales services are in the form of providing original vehicle spare parts, accessories, product warranties and even periodic vehicle maintenance and consultations. Through this ford service center , you can get services that pamper your car for years to come while you are still using it.

This service service and maintenance of the ford car is carried out to control the engine conditions of your car, the quality of the spare parts if they are still in accordance with the stkamur or should be given maintenance to keep it in good condition. You can go directly to the official call center and do a full check.

If it is found that the condition of the car parts is damaged or not working properly, service and consultation services through the Ford Service Center are required to make repairs to their functions. You don’t have to worry if your four-wheeled vehicle is damaged or the engine function is not optimal.

Supply of original Ford parts

The next after-sales service you can enjoy from Ford’s official service center is the availability of quality and of course original car parts. Spare parts are indispensable in the service and maintenance of your vehicle. Because, the spare parts supply supports other services.

Spare parts or spare parts are defined as equipment or various equipment that are useful for repairing, replacing and maintaining Ford car products that have been purchased by consumers. Original or original parts will affect the excellent and general healthy condition of the car.

The provision of spare parts must also be complete. The more complete the will, the more able it will be to meet the needs of the car owner. The quality of the parts should also be considered. Quality and original spare parts are required to maintain the performance of the Ford car you have as your personal car

The provision of non-original spare parts will affect the durability of the machine. Owners of Ford cars will be faster to make repairs and maintenance of the Ford service center because of spare parts that are not ori. However, you don’t have to worry because in the official call center, everything is guaranteed as original.

Get a guarantee after completing your purchase

The next thing that is the right of consumers after completing the activity of buying a Ford car is to get a warranty on the car. In general, the warranty itself is a warranty provided by the company to convince buyers about the good and durable quality of their products for a certain time.

Ford service centers always try to show their consumers that products selected and purchased by consumers are in good condition and ready to be used in the coming years. If within a predetermined period of time there is damage to the product, then consumers can claim the warranty.

This warranty is also useful for increasing consumer confidence with the products they buy. This means that the company deeds to bear the risk if there is in fact damage or negligence in the quality of the purchased product. The existence of this warranty is certainly very lucrative for consumers as buyers of this ford product.

If you want to claim the warranty provided by this Ford service center , you only need to notify the condition of your product that is suffering from shortages or damage to the company. Also make sure that the time you claim is no more than the warranty period provided. After that, you can get a guarantee.

Where and how did you find a Ford Service Center?

The next question that often arises in the minds of ford car users is, where to find the service center. This service center was in fact closed in Indonesia for approximately three years. However, it is currently reopened and the location is very easy to find and find.

Ford service centers are currently available throughout Indonesia and in almost every city. Some of them are Purwokerto, Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, and also other cities. Of course, no matter where you are, now you don’t have to find it hard to find an official Ford service center.

To be able to check the distribution of the call center easily, you can open a so you can find it immediately in the city where you live. If you need answers or solutions to some problems, you can contact and contact the official call center of this Ford brand directly.

The ford service center number you can call is 0807-1-90-9000. Service is available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Not only through the call center, you can ask several questions, but you can also send an email to indo.customersupport@rmagroup address. You’re free to ask anything.

As a ford car user, your concerns today have disappeared. All your facilities and rights can be made the most of with the re-presence of this Ford service center. The Ford company in Indonesia will always strive to provide the best service to its customers, so that trust arises.

Now, it’s time for you to enjoy all the maximum service for the four-wheeled Ford you have. Pamper performing regular maintenance, replacement of original parts and parts and consulting with trained and qualified technicians. Ford cars, which are European products, tend to be scarce in parts.

Be sure to always pay attention to your car’s needs so that its quality and performance are always maintained. Because the car is purchased not only for the needs of tomorrow, but also for the next few years. For that reason, entrust everything to the ford service center which is always total in providing services to you.

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