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Recipe Gepuk Khas a special taste and taste of West Java.

Meat is one of the main foods many people, particularly some areas, are popular and favourite by many, and a typical West Javanese gepuk recipe, particularly for some areas It has become the recommended vegetable Prima Donna, which is unique and delicious and appropriate when eaten with rice, which is greatly enjoyed by many people, especially the People of Java.

Gepuk meat, which has a variety of varieties but is common in West Java, is a better dish because it is easy to find. It seems to go through a long step, but it has its delicious taste and compares the tongue outside Java.

Even the West Javanese technique can also be found on Bali, a island with a wide range of unique qualities and tastes. Although the cooking process takes a long time, the taste still guarantees that many people continue to eat it.

Processed meat is generally used as a staple dish on a ceremonial day such as Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha Still, you can still find it in many food shops or restaurants that provide this food as a staple dish for customers, among other functional meats.

Characteristics of West Javan meat Gepuk dishes

The West Javanese recipe itself is usually associated with Rendang dishes from Padang, Kalimantan, but is produced when viewed from the shape of a vegetable. The two meats are very different from the texture and taste, and the process of processing dishes is different when these two dishes produce different shapes and textures.

This is because good fragrance is absorbed into the meat and the final result is tender but filled when eaten. Unlike the gepuk that needs to be penetrated, the meat must be cooked at the end using medium heat after the meat is soaked in the camp.

Rendang vegetables produced from the same fabric may seem more subtle and thickly delicious, but they still taste delicious when using  rice. For itself, the wet liquid seeps into the meat and, although slightly subtle inside, the process of processing meat needs to go through the drying process so that it gives a delicate fabric.

Because of the delicious qualities, everyone has their own opinions because you can’t confuse the flavors with each other, and if you like the gepuk meat you’ve made, each of your own at home You can manage it. This time it will cook a little bit for the processed GPuc meat, which is easy to cook at home, simple and easy to cook.

Simple West Java gepuk Recipuk Recessing process

In order to make yourself at home, you have to prepare key ingredients that begin first from beef, but we recommend using about 1kg. 1/2 ounces of brown sugar, 1/2 ounces, 1/2 ounces, tarmac 1/2 ounces, 2 cups of coconut milk, 1/2 liters of coconut milk.

Put it next to all the beef you had previously prepared and wash the meat first with hot water.  Keep in mind that you need to focus, and keep in mind that the meat must be bathed when it is set to cook half with a texture that cannot be too tender.

After reducing your taste, we recommend cutting out the fibers to cut vertically on the meat fibers. Once you have cut it all, hit the penic to the meat But not until it is completely dismantled; remember that the meat should not be flourished because then it will fall off along with other fragrances.

The West Javanzeg technique needs to boil the meat and go through the same steps as making Ronden until the spices are absorbed. After cutting through the meat, continue the first step, heating the coconut milk in another container and using a bit of heat to wait to boil and cut it in there.

Then you can quit the dish while waiting until the fragrance is wet in the meat. According to many, West Java has prepared fresh vegetables. It is renowned for wanting to eat as a bowl of meat, ready to serve vegetables with vegetables and fresh vegetables and then drink it with a small heat oil.

The taste will be no lower than those served in food shops or well-known restaurants, and  by understanding  the West Javanzeg recipe When you want to eat the meal, you can make it at any time, and this dish is also suitable for a staple of the menu at an important event, such as a gathering of relatives or a particular holiday.

Processed meat always has many connoisseurs from different circles

The processed meat has particularly many fans as we know it can do everyone’s appetite augmentation.It’s about any dish. Beef is always a favorite food for many, and Nusantara dishes, of course, have always had their own taste, especially in beef-laden dishes.

In addition, how to cook cooked meat can also create personal taste and structural characteristics, so the menu is suitable for a place for enthusiasts. The front-processed meat has its own taste, so the West Javanzek recipe would also make no  difference if it is one of the favorite dishes in Java and its surroundings today.

A mix of spices and spices that add meat flavours makes everyone who eats feel addicted, but processed meat is always heavy For being one, it makes indonesians’ cultural culture to eat together with rice and vegetables as a complement to today’s society’s usual dishes.

The popularity of processed meat in every region in Indonesia

Because meat food always has some of its own, it is now credible that many culinary businesses use processed meat lists as their staples Whether it is a street store or a well-known restaurant, the West Javanzook recipe is one of the main dishes targeted by many and culinary hunters.

Because of its distinctive taste, taste, taste, sweetness and rich perfume, this dish has many fans. In addition, this dish is easy to find in a variety of food stores and well-known restaurants, so you can enjoy this dish in addition to West Java.

You can do it yourself in a simple way before, but take care of the steps so that the final result meets expectations.  You can also classify  the typical West Java jipuk recipe, such as adding chile to give you a spice  so that the gipuk flavor is more delicious and delicious.

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