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The Realme service center has a Carme service service, which is one of the flagships that this Chinese manufacturer is about to present. Interestingly, it can offer almost any product, from mobile phones to smart TVs. This is done in an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Plus, the Callme facility makes it easy for everyone, especially for those who are too busy to come directly to the checkpoint. In fact, you can also buy a smartphone of your choice from here. This method is very simple and straightforward.

Go to their website and select a product. Next, select a payment method. There is full cash on delivery, bank transfer and credit card payment. The goods are then delivered through a courier service according to your location. So, make sure the address is correct and complete.

The Real Arms Service Center has a carme service, which comes to your home and makes it easy to see what your complaint is from your smartphone. If it is serious, it will be brought to the office. But if you can fix it on the spot. So, even if it takes a long time, it will be completed immediately. Once the phone is brought in, make it easy.

Everything can be tracked through advanced technology that you can do on your own at home. Usually, there is a specific direction before the technician leaves the facility. How to track down to its development. Thus, all customers can wait for the process of finishing with peace of mind and without worry.

Request a carme first

The Realme service center has a Carme service that makes it easy for anyone to get repairs without having to come to the office. Still, in the past, each customer had to submit a request in advance. For information on how to apply, please contact 22356666. However, before the phone first prepares the requirements.

First, every user should know the IMEI number of the phone. This method is actually easy and you just have to open it in the settings menu. Then select About phone. There you will find complete information from your device. Then find the recorded name of Imamei. Alternatively, press *#06#.

Just wait for a few minutes and you will see the number you need in no time. After that, the date of purchase must also be stated on the application form, so please prepare a memorandum of understanding. The model or type of the mobile phone. Then the details of the damage to the phone. Try to convey it in full and detail.

In this way, the Realme service center has a carme service , which  is hardly aware of the complaints. In the second step, each customer is asked for their home address or mobile phone pickup location. Really if you’re busy and more often in the office. There’s nothing wrong with just telling this address.

The pick-up time depends on where it is. Far or near? After the process, the request was only entered and processed. It will be dealt with immediately and a technician will visit the site. The maximum duration is 48 hours. However, in many cases, it is up to 10 hours after the report is received.

Conduct a comprehensive investigation of the damage

The next step in the Calume service of the Realme Service Center is to check. Usually, before coming, the technician will tell you when and the estimated time. Because this take isn’t just one place. In this way, you can prepare your phone before repairing it.

For example, back up important data such as photos and documents. This is because some data is deleted during inspection. This is beyond the authority of the realm. Notifications are also delivered by technicians before conducting inspections or before being brought into the office.

This missing data is caused for some components to undergo repair. Or, a reset is performed. Interestingly, each technician will provide evidence in the form of a photo about the damage to the mobile phone. It usually involves a cause, why has it reached this point? So, how to fix it until it is prevented from becoming like this anymore.

The Realme Service Center has a Carme service and will also provide pricing details if you really need to change the components. The system first checks whether the warranty is feasible. They also check how much the payment is. Once tested, you’re done.

Once complete, the technician will check with the customer. They will make the delivery according to the pickup address. If there are any changes, just check with the Callme service. Try to keep the delivery location clear, usually it will take about 24 hours after confirmation.

How to do a phone repair check

The Liamme Service Center has a Carme service that provides a hotline service. In this way, you can check when your phone is in the process of repairing, for example. The time of 7 days ~ 10 days is not really a short time. In addition, mobile phones have become an indispensable device in daily life.

However, please note that telephone calls for this service are not voluntary. Because it’s still not available 24 hours a day. You can contact us every Monday through Sunday. Hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. In particular, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are public holidays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

There is also another way to connect to the realm service center There is a  carme service, that is, open their website and then click on the chat service. Open all your social media on Facebook, email service.id@realme.com Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Via and they’ll answer you no matter how long it takes.

The website also briefly explains how to properly handle a phone call if there is a problem. Realme is turned off and it’s hard to turn it on, but it’s been tried a few times. All you have to do is force boot, i.e. press and hold the speaker button (+) and power for 30 seconds.

If it doesn’t work, try charging it for 30 to 60 minutes first. Then repeat the force start. There is no need to panic because this step will not erase the entire data on your phone. If your phone is not yet live with this step, take it to a repair center.

Solving Personal Problems and How-To

The realm service center also has a carme service service that also provides advice when the phone suddenly hangs off. There are a few things that you have to consider, such as seeing if the power is cut off. Also, check if there is an application that you suddenly turn off.

If so, try to delete it and don’t upload it. This  can also happen if the phone experiences a state of temperature rise. Realme will restart automatically from hot to very cold. Also, check if your phone contains any viruses. If so, yes, maybe that’s the cause.

Remove Anti-Virus via APK: The case that occurs also means that charging is not optimal. There could be several factors, charger adapter, or cable but also several factors. See also ambient temperature. That effort is equivalent to a room of about 25-30 degrees. Above that temperature, it is certain to be charged for a long time.

For some other complaints, the full complaints are described in the section of the website. But when all the methods are done and still constrained. Perhaps there is a serious problem. Just using the Realme service center is not a problem, but there is a Carme service service so that everything is more practical and easy.

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